The Service of Administrative and Services Personnel mission, in accordance with university management guidelines, is to plan for and execute employment opportunities and recruitment processes for university administrative and services employees, in addition to managing the appointments and hiring of these individuals, as well as all incidents that affect matters administrative and/or occupational in nature.

Likewise, this service is also responsible for recruiting and contracting researchers and research managers, including the procedures for obtaining residence and work permits for non-European Union individuals.

Moreover, this service undertakes management of the professional career path, conducts performance reviews, and oversees training for university administrative and services employees. 

These tasks aim to ensure that Miguel Hernández University personnel are those suited best to university objectives, following the lines indicated in the University Strategic Plan. 

We want the content here to be dynamic, continuously updated, adapting to user needs. Because of this, we welcome your comments and proposals for improvements, and we are appreciative of your suggestions for action on aspects that do not meet your expectations.

Please be aware that the information that appears on the pages of this service only does so for informative purposes. Information with legal ramifications is published and disclosed in the corresponding official bulletins: Official State Gazette, Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Official  Gazette of Miguel Hernández University, and in official personal notifications issued by the different institutions.

Contact information for the people comprising this service is listed in our employee directory. Similar information is also available at the bottom of this page.

Furthermore, feel free to use the Service of Administrative & Services Personnel Suggestion Box to provide feedback, file complaints, and/or claims.

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